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container security shipping bolt seal

Container shipping has become an important way of international logistics transportation. In order to facilitate the management of the container and the safety of the cargo, the logistics field has invented a "container security seals" specifically for container seals, security seals,  such as  plastic seal, cable seal, bolt seal, meter seal , metal seal,  barrier seals,  metal strap seal .

which is also called a card lock seal , a lead lock seal  or a seal . Each container seal has a unique code that is sealed by the container's shipping location and sent to the destination. Logistics tracking and management through the management of the code on the lead security container  seal. This lead seal has been used in container shipping worldwide and is recognized by global users.

In order to ensure the safety of the goods, the security container seal is designed as a one-time consumable. At present, the lead security container seal is generally composed of a lock seal rod and a lock seal  head. The lock seal rod has a lock  seal groove, and the lock seal  head has a seal ring. When the container seal is locked and sealed, the seals ring is seals into the seal groove, and the lead seal lock is permanently locked.

To open the container, the pressure bar should be used to break the lock bar and permanently destroy the lead seal. The current lead seals are low in production cost and safe and reliable. However, it also has its shortcomings. At present, the container is manually input into the lead seal code of the delivery place, and is manually checked and checked by a plurality of bayonet ports, and finally the destination is also an artificial check bar code. Manual input and verification processes are prone to input errors and take up a lot of labor costs.

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