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High Security Bolt Seal Lock

      Wisdom Seals company  is a manufacturer of security seals for nearly 10 years. Since our inception metal bolt seal,cable seal and twist seals as well as lead and wire seals have been our standard. Plastic seals and plastic padlock seals have been another high performance security product developed over the years. container and cargo mail or tote box tamper evident high security.  now introducing steel heavy-duty high-security sea and container and maritime affairs bolt seal lock that is C-TPAT - ISO/PAS 17712 compliant.

steel bolt seal lock with plastic-coated steel locking device. Classified as a high security container seal. Various colors to choose from for custom orders. C-TPAT ISO / PAS 17712 compliant. Meets many countries Custom and Border container seal requirements. Keyless, single use bolt locks provide a high level of security and tamper-evidence.

Simple and no-tool application for container and maritime affairs, just click two pieces together to self-lock.  8 diameter shaft is inserted through the hasp of the locking mechanism affixed to door or access point. The 2nd piece of the bolt lock, the locking cap, is then hand-applied, positively clicking in place to lock the bolt.  high-security seal must be removed with a bolt cutter by cutting the shaft.

Stock bolt seal and many colors, printing 6 and 8 digits sequential , your company info and logo etc. Contact us for custom printing and numbering.


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