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whether do you need  high security seals for containers, airlines, shipping lines, banks and express companies ,trucks, transport vehicles, logistic equipments, etc, we are your good choice.

As a professional security seals manufacturer, we can provide a variety of seals as follows:
1. C-TPAT bolt Seal
We can provide a wide range of seals that are C-TPAT compliant.

2. Indicative plastic Seal
Indicative seals can not stop intruders, but they will show whether tampering has occurred. Ideal for low-risk applications, they can be pulled apart by hand or cut with a simple shear or snipping tool.

3. Strap plastic Seal
Strap seal can be applied for freight containers, vehicle doors, TIR cables, etc.
4. Label Seal
5. Bar Code container Seal
Extra-large marking area offers a unique level of customization for bar coding applications.
6. 17712 bolt Seal
Most of our seals have been certified by ISO/ PAS17712.
7. Utility truck Seal
8. Twist tight meter Seal
Twist seals can be used on electric meters, water meters, gas meters, taxi meters, payphones, vehicle doors, ware houses, petrol tanks, etc.
9. Container seals Fittings
We can provide various container fitting for all kinds of containers.
10. Logistic Security Seal
Logistic security seals can be applied to logistics, banks, and so on.
11. Brand Identification  security seals
12. Tracking container Seal
13. Airline security Seal
Airline seal can protect air freight from tempering and theft.
14. Container seal Lock
The material of it is mainly carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, etc.
15. Cargo container Seal
Cargo seals are more common in international trade than for domestic shipments. This reflects the historical and continuing importance of Customs duties and cross-border smuggling.
16. Fork Seal
17. Lead meter Seal
Lead seal is made of pure lead covered with aluminum. It can be used to secure medical cabinets, utility meters, valves, switches, etc.
18. Paper security Seal
Paper security seals are typically lower cost and are often used on higher volume applications including retail products, medications, confidential documents, etc.
19. Security Label
Security label has many applications such as access control, high value electronic & computer products, product warranty void, counterfeiting prevention, and many others.
20. Security Tape
Security Tape can reveal a hidden graphic and tamper evident “OPENED” message when it is peeled away.
21. Meter Seal
We can supply various kinds of meter seals according to your drawings for use on containers, trucks, etc.
22. Tamper Evident bolt container Seal
Tamper evident seals are often used to detect tampering with objects containing valuables, confidential information, equipment settings, etc.
Typical applications include file cabinets, aircraft hatches, entry doors, envelopes, cartons, electronic components, etc.
23. Trailer cable Seal
Trailer seals are used for sealing or decorating windows, doors of the trailer and containers.
24. Mechanical security Seal
Mechanical seals are widely used in many fields such as biochemistry, steel making, petrochemistry, sewage system, pharmaceutical industry, etc.
25. Cinch plastic Seal
26. Pull Up plastic Seal and cable seal
Its applications include ATM cassettes, boxes, cash bags, hospital for clinical wastes, tanker valves, roll cages, vehicle doors, warehouses, fire extinguishers, etc.
27. Custom Seal

As a professional container fittings manufacturer in China, we can produce many kinds of high security seals for containers, trucks, transport vehicles, logistic equipments and so on. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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