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Usage and classification of cable wire seals

cable truck seals can be roughly divided into three categories: pull tight cable wire seals, two-end latch cable wire seals, and rocker cable alloy wire seals.

for example, pull tight cable wire seals  ,this cable seal is the most used one. Because it has an ABS plastic  covering and aero-grade steel wire rope, it has strong corrosion resistance and firmness. It is often used in valves, coal truck, cement shipping, container, ocean transport, vessel transportation, oil Tank trucks and cargo boxes are first class.

How to open cable wire seal after use?

cable security wire seals is a one-time used product. Its existence plays a vital role in proving whether the container has been opened. Once cable truck seal is sealed, it is not allowed to open privately under non-special circumstances. The method of opening container cable seal is very simple. You only need to prepare a pair of wire cutters in advance, and aim at the wire part that needs to be cut to easily open the cable security seal. The cut cable seal cannot be used again.

In addition, according to the different materials used, the cable seals can be divided into aluminum alloy cable seals and ABS plastic coated cable  seals. Their opening methods are the same, but you need to choose different types of cable seal cutters to open according to the thickness of the wire.

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